news + update
20th March 2020

New Website

Finally, we've launched a brand new redesign of our website. This time we have more than just one page for your eyes to admire.

Posting updates on Discord has been a very easy and lazy experience, but I'm sure that not all of our users visit our Discord channel that often.

This is why we have now this news/blog section, with fancy FONTS, beautiful SPACING and most importantly the ability to post pictures in-between messages.

What's new with the website

Besides this fancy news page, one of the first things you'll notice is that once signed-in, the main page will no longer automatically redirect you to our charts. This time, if you want to access the chart, the url has to start with /chart. Make sure to update the urls if you have TradingLite in your favorites.

LitScript Documentation page has been completely revamped, with more information about LitScript, and is altogether much more usable than before. Although in exchange for the new layout, we have removed the menus on the mobile version.

We've also added a direct link to our community-managed Knowledge Base, which contains many interesting guides and tutorials.

The website is also lighter and much more fluid.

You can find all of the links right at the bottom of this page.

Look, birds!

What's new in TradingLite

  • OKex futures are now unlocked for Early Access+ users

  • Moved a certain column 1px to the right

  • Improved app loading times

What's next?

That's a good question, I'm glad you asked. You're really good at asking questions, I congratulate you for your achievements. Now let's end this news post right here.