13th September 2020

Weekly Update #13


New stuff

  • Unlocked SUSHI on Binance Futures
  • Liquidations for OKEx Futures
  • Added additional info to our landing page
  • New website menu, easier to navigate


  • Various UX improvements to the website
  • Minor UX adjustments to Script Vault
  • Improved internal data collection systems to reduce flatlining
  • Improved exchange feed reconnection logic


  • Fixed Heatmap intensity slider issues with small values
  • Drawings: Fixed dashed line text translation being wrong
  • LitScript: Fixed booleans ( also fixes showprice & autoscale bug )
  • LitScript: Fixed docs typos
  • Fixed delayed data issues on Binance and Binance Futures

Changelog (07/09/2020)

New stuff

  • Added Search to Help Center
  • Prepared more UI elements for future internationalization (language support)
  • Started data collection for OKEx Swaps


  • Security page: Devices are now sorted by last use
  • Various website design updates
  • Help Center links can be opened in new tabs and copied like a normal link
  • Data collection code has been completely rewritten from scratch


  • LitScript: Fixed ask_spread function
  • Fixed drawings option window size issue
  • Some rare issue with duplicate scripts fixed

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