update + news
27th February 2021

Introducing Learning Center

Our users have been asking us for education materials and the day is finally here. We are excited to announce that our new Learning Center is now live!

To access it, either click on Learn or go directly to Learning Center


Our new learning page contains educational materials, accompanied by pictures and videos describing all the way from basic functionality to advanced features of TradingLite.

Screenshot from 2021-02-27 20-04-15.png A nice & slick design that'll make you go "wow that's cool I guess"

Knowledge & Power

We currently have 12 articles written, but this is only just the beginning.

Go ahead and jump right in with the Quick Start tutorial, learn more in depth about Heatmaps, complete guide to TradingLite's interface and a lot of more content.


New stuff


  • App: Increased VPVR & VPVR+ Ticks Per Row option up to 200 ticks
  • App: Increased time scale & price scale max zoom


  • Website: Referrals page "No shill" bug fixed