8th April 2020

Advanced heatmap settings

Our current slider caps are defined manually and adjusted over time, but with this new feature you're no longer bound to our restrictions. That's right folks, now you can adjust heatmap range however you want. Freedom at last!

This little new popup is the beginning of our advanced heatmap customization tools, more to come in the future.

News + Update

Now, we're marking every news post with either NEWS, UPDATE or both in order to show what kind of content each post contains.


  • Heatmap Intensity settings can be fine-tuned
  • Cumulative Orderbook data visible at all times
  • Ability to change crosshair from dashed > solid > invisible
  • Improved Trades ticker value colors
  • Slightly increased Orderbook range of BitFinex
  • Sound Alerts: Improved sound system
  • Sound Alerts: Amplified existing sounds
  • Sound Alerts: New negative alert sound
  • Script Vault: Improved scroll performance
  • Script Vault: Add NEW tag to newest scripts (less than 7 days old)
  • Layer Settings: "Add Grid" is now always visible
  • FIX: BitFinex liquidations normalized
  • FIX: Corrected quote labels for some exchanges
  • FIX: Crosshair price label for small values no longer trimmed (e.g. funding)
  • FIX: Fix sounds not triggering on Firefox + Linux

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