Official Indicators

Create more informed trading decisions, by utilising the full suite of TradingLite's Official Indicators.

Official Indicators

TradingLite has crafted a number of Official Indicators. These particular layers will form the core of your chart's Liquidity and Order Flow analysis. In this article we will explore and introduce the range of Official Indicators available on TradingLite.


To browse the full suite of official indicators available, navigate to:

Indicators > Official Indicators

Basic Indicators

Providing the most fundamental core elements to your chart, the Basic section within the full list of Official Indicators, will provide you with layers Main & Volume.


Main is the layer used to display price. The options that will be available to you within this layer will depend upon the Chart Type that you have currently selected. For full information regarding the Main indicator, see the dedicated page below:


TradingLite's Volume indicator enhances the traditional Volume indicator you may be used to. Additional data points are shown to to add depth to the render beyond just total volume. It is highly recommended that you fully understand the differences between the advanced TL Volume indicator, in comparison with other volume indicators used in other software. For a comprehensive overview of the TradingLite Volume Indicator, refer to the detailed article here:

Liquidity Indicators

Liquidity analysis has been the cornerstone of TradingLite since our inception. Monitoring changes within the Order Book can provide valuable insight into the market. There are a variety of methods to analyze both historical and real-time limit order data. Whilst the fully configurable Order Book panel provides an array of data points external to your chart, there are two key tools than can be used within you chart itself.


The industry-leading TradingLite Heatmap is one of the core Official Indictors that is enabled by default. Analyze how liquidity conditions have changed historically, whilst simultaneously observing live changes directly on your chart.

Given the value provided by tool, there are two dedicated articles regarding the TradingLite Heatmap, please see both basic and advanced guides below:

Order Book Profile

Focusing solely on real-time data, the Order Book Profile indicator visually renders the current value of limit orders resting at each price. Scaled proportionally based upon the price range in view, the width of each row within the Profile denotes the value of limit orders at each price. Discover more about the Order Book Profile by visiting its dedicated learn page.

Volume Profile Tools

Aggregating volume across a range of prices, the Volume Profile Tools available on TradingLite are a core element of Order Flow analysis. Whether analysing Point of Control and Value Area within each session individually via VPSV or the current area on your chart with VPVR and VPVR 'Plus' layers, the Volume Profile tools can often provide actionable data by themselves.

With a host of configuration and styling preferences ensure you read the full guides to each of the Volume Profile tools.


The Volume Profile Visible Range (VPVR) indicator will calculate the total value of market buys and market sells that have occurred within the candles currently in view. These are totalled and plotted at price group. Includes Point of Control, Value Area & Delta options.


The Volume Profile Visible Range Plus (VPVR+), builds upon the basic VPVR tool mentioned above, by displaying an enhanced profile view. These are derived by calculating and rendering Delta based data points by default.


A popular favourite amongst order flow orientated traders, the Volume Profile Session View (VPSV), splits the aggregation of the profile to create profile of each respective sessions in which they occurred. Naked Point of Controls, Value Areas along with the Profile itself can my styled and configured to suit your preferences.

TPO / Market Profile

Time Price Opportunity (TPO) or 'Market Profile' charts are commonly used to assess price movement over the duration of a session. TradingLite's highly configurable TPO / Market Profile layer provide key data points including, Point of Control, Value Area, Single Prints & Initial Balance. All of these elements are highly customizable with a range of both inputs and styling options.

To get up to speed on the value TradingLite's TPO / Marker Profile charts offer there are both basic and advanced learn articles.


TradingLite allows you to combine liquidity tools such as the heatmap, with order flow analysis via Footprint, all within the same chart. Observe market buy and sell orders in real-time via a range of Footprint Profile and Footprint Cluster tools. With a range of data options including Delta, Point of Controls, Value Areas, Imbalances, Minimum Volume Highlight.

For full, in-depth guides to all of the Footprint layers, please visit the dedicated Footprint Learn Pages. You will find Footprint Basics, Footprint Advanced, Footprint Cluster, Footprint Profile and Footprint Bar Statistics articles.

Perpetual & Futures Indicators

Use derivatives data to your own advantage with the suite of TradingLite's Official Perpetual & Futures Indicators. Key readings of Open Interest, Funding Rates, Liquidations & Mark Price are published by the exchange and served live to your chart. Reminder, these indicators are not applicable to spot markets.

See each of the dedicated pages below for a detailed explanation:


Counter Books and Counter Trades are two simple yet effective measures of both liquidity and order flow respectively.

Counter Books

Counter Books, monitors the number of changes that have taken place in the Order Book. This includes added, removed and modified orders. With each change, the Counter Books increments by 1. These are then totalled for your chosen timeframe and plot on your chart.

Counter Trades

Counter Trades, is a measure of the velocity of the tape. With each market order, the counter increments by +1. Each print of the Counter Trades indicated the number of market orders that have occurred within your chosen timeframe.

To learn everything about the Counters Indicators, check out the complete guide.


Basic key elements designed to visually aid as you navigate the TradingLite chart. Both the Grid and Session Line layers form the two 'Guides' layers.


As its name suggests, the Grid layer will plot a grid with both incremental horizontal and vertical lines on your chart. You can select whether to plot both horizontal and vertical line, or one set of either of these grid lines.

Session Line

This handy layer will plot both the start and end of legacy market sessions. You will be able to choose from Asia, Europe and US Session Line plots.

Those looking for more information regarding the Guide Indicators can see the dedicated page below.

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