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Upon successful registration and login to TradingLite, you will be presented with the default chart layout.

Default Layout

Within Pane 0:

Within Pane 1:


Each of these elements within your chart, is called a Layer.
Layers can be arranged within multiple Panes.



Below are a series of tutorials to get you started on TradingLite. These will cover the basics, with links provided for further info.

Heatmap Intensity Sliders

Let's change the intensity of TradingLite's Heatmap

  • The slider on the left determines the minimum value of orders to be displayed within the Heatmap. This will filter/remove blocks with a smaller value.

  • The slider on the right determines the peak value of orders on the Heatmap. This will determine the range and intensity of the heatmap's color scale.

Add an Indicator

Let’s add TradingLite’s Official VPSV indicator.


  • Select Indicators

  • Ensure Official Indicators is Selected

  • Scroll to VPSV

  • Click +

  • Close Window

Docking Windows

Let’s dock TradingLite’s Trade Feed & Order Book


  • Click on the Trade Feed toggle

  • Click and hold the top of the Trade Feed window

  • Drag to repositioned preference, or dock by dragging to the Left, Right or Bottom

  • Repeat the same steps for the Order Book


View multiple charts at the same time, via the Split-View feature.


  • Press the Split-View button as shown above.

  • Select the desired window layout

  • Toggle the various sync options to your preference

For more info see our dedicated Split-View learning page:



Freeform zoom is a powerful tool in TradingLite, which allows you to easily zoom in and out on any part of the chart in one swift action.


  • Right-click and hold anywhere on the chart

  • Drag diagonally, horizontally or vertically

Theme Customization

Let's change the the default TradingLite Theme

You can change the Default Theme by navigating to: Chart Settings > Theme


Themes aren’t just for aesthetics, they are finely-tuned for different visualisations.

Basics Overview

Top Toolbar


At the top, from left to right, you will find options to select:

  • Notifications/Workspace/Account Settings

  • Exchange/Coin

  • Time Frame

  • Chart Type

  • Chart Settings

  • Indicators

  • Heatmap Settings

  • HD/SD Heatmap (Note: HD only available to Gold Subscribers)

  • Undo/Redo

  • Screenshot

See below for more info regarding the various TradingLite Toolbars:


From Fibonnaci Retracements to Gann Fans, TradingLite offers a wide range of highly customisable drawing tools.

See below for more info regarding the various TradingLite Drawing Tools:

Status Toolbar

Within the Status Toolbar, you will find (right to left):

  • Connection Status/Server Selection

  • Time/Timezone Selection

  • Percent Scale

  • Logarithmic Scale

  • Auto Scale

If the connection status is providing evidence of some from of degradation, please follow the steps listed here.
After following the steps listed listed in our help center, if you are still experiencing issues, contact us.


Whilst some may find the above to be sufficient enough to begin using TradingLite, we highly recommend you view our Interface Introduction to fully enhance your TradingLite experience.

Happy Trading!

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