Introduction to Order Book Profile

The Order Book Profile is one of a variety of methods available on TradingLite to assess current liquidity conditions. As limit orders are placed, removed or updated on each side of the Order Book, the profile will update in real-time to provide a visual representation of liquidity available at each price level visible within your chart.

Similar in nature to the Liquidity Heatmap, the Order Book Profile provides an additional method with which to both analyze and filter your limit order analysis.

As with all of TradingLite's liquidity tools:

  • Limit Sell orders are shown above current price.

  • Limit Buy orders are shown below current price.

As liquidity is added and removed from the Order Book, the width of each row will reflect in real-time the cumulative value of limit orders at each price grouping. The wider the row, the larger the value of limit orders currently waiting to be filled.

Activating Order Book Profile Indicator

The official Funding Rates Indicator can be added to your chart by navigating to:

Indicators > Official Indicators > Order Book Profile

By default, the Order Book Profile indicator will be aligned to the left of your price chart.

The full depth of the Order Book will now be rendered in real-time as a profile.


By default, the width of each row within the Order Book Profile will scale based upon the price range visible on your chart. As you zoom out to incorporate a greater range of price, each width will scale proportionally to account for all newly included data points.

Order Book Profile Settings

Upon activating the Order Book Profile indicator, you will be able to configure the following configuration and styling preferences:


Align the Order Book Profile to the Left or Right of your chart.


Select the proportion of your chart area used to display the widest row of the profile.

Ticks per row

Select the number of ticks to aggregate for each row/price grouping.

Hide values

When toggled, the values shown within the profile will be hidden.

Auto-scale to visible

Enabled by default, this toggle will render the row with the largest value of limit orders currently within view at the maximum width setting.

If disabled, each row is scaled proportionally to the row with the largest value of limit orders across the entire orderbok.

Show Cumulative

If enabled, a cumulative version of each side of the Order Book is rendered in the background.

Customize Colors

  • Width

    • Width of the largest node as a proportion of your chart area.

  • Color

    • Color & Transparency

  • Line Thickness

    • Weight in pixels

  • Line Mode

    • Smooth

    • Stepped

Order Book Profile Considerations

Order Book Depth

The profile and its respective depth of each side of the book is determined by the exchange themselves. TradingLite will always provide you the maximum possible depth all our liquidity tools.

Liquidity Indicators

TradingLite provides a full range of liquidity analysis tools. Read more about them here:

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