Experiencing connection issues to TradingLite?

If you are receiving the following as your connection status (lower-left):

Re-connecting / Disconnected

Please follow the appropriate set of instructions, in the following order:

VPN users:

  • Ensure that the server you are connected to via your VPN provider is not under sustained load. Your VPN provider should provide a ‘Server-Status’ page that can be used to check the current status & load on the server you are connected to.

This is the primary reason for VPN-related connection issues.

If using a VPN and have ensured that the server you are connected to is not at or near full capacity, and still unable to resolve via the above, please continue below.

Non-VPN users:

Ensure that you are using the closest TradingLite server, to your current location. You are able to manually select which of TradingLite’s servers you are connected to in the lower-right of the chart-screen.

  • Please open an ‘incognito’ or ‘private’ browser window, and try to connect to TradingLite. This will ensure that there are no extensions or plugins that are interfering with your connection.

If using an ‘incognito’ or ‘private’ browser window was successful, you will need to manually disable extensions within your primary browser window to determine the culprit. (Please let a moderator or developer know which extension was causing the issue so we can inform other users.)

  • If you have tried the above, please reach out to @support on Discord who will troubleshoot the issue with you.

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