Hardware Acceleration Unavailable

If you are presented this message:

No Hardware Acceleration Detected Performance and stability will be severely impacted

Please perform this WebGL2 test

If you do not see a spinning cube, please follow the instructions below for your browser.


Go to brave://settings in your address/URL bar.

Scroll to the very bottom and click: Additional Settings

Continue to scroll, and under System ensure that Use hardware acceleration when available is enabled


Go to chrome://settings/system in your address/URL bar.

Under System ensure that Use hardware acceleration when available is enabled


Go to edge://settings/system

Under System and Performance ensure that Use hardware acceleration when available is enabled

Safari (macOS):

Within the menu bar, Safari > Preferences

Click the Advanced Tab

At the very bottom click: Show Develop menu in menu bar

Close Preferences

Within the menu bar, a new Develop option will appear

Select: Develop > Experimental Features > WebGL 2.0

Restart Safari to ensure changes are maintained.

Safari (iOS):

Close Safari and exit the application by swiping up on Safari when shown in within the App Switcher

Go to Settings > Safari > Advanced (very bottom of list) > Experimental Features > WebGL 2.0

Ensure that WebGL 2.0 is toggled on

If all fails

If you still experience issues, you should try updating your graphics card drivers.

Note that WebGL 2 came out in 2017, so if your hardware is older than that, then there is a possibility that your hardware is unable to support it.

Please reach out to Support on Discord and we will try to rectify via workarounds. Whilst support will endeavour to resolve your hardware issues, there is no guarantee that any such workarounds will result in successful rendering of all TradingLite features.

> In such cases, you can always use TradingLite with hardware acceleration disabled but you may experience slower performance.

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