Standalone TradingLite App

Prefer the feel of a native app experience? Struggling to find your TradingLite tabs amongst everything else? The standalone TradingLite app is here to help!

Benefits of the Standalone TradingLite App:

  • Full native look and feel, including Dark and Light theme consistency, utilising your screen real-estate efficiently without a URL/Address bar.

  • Unlike other applications, there are zero elevated privileges required.

  • Maximum performance including increased local storage cache.

  • Auto-updates upon launch to the very latest builds of TradingLite.

  • Support for common browser keyboard shortcuts.

  • Quick Desktop/Home-screen access to TradingLite.

  • Available via Chrome, Edge & Brave on Desktop & Android, Safari on iOS.

Chrome / Edge / Brave (Desktop & Mobile):

  • Sign into your TradingLite account and open a chart.

  • Click the TradingLite Logo

  • Click 'Install App'

Safari (iOS)

  • Sign into your TradingLite account and open your Workspace Selection page.

  • Press the share icon within the Safari UI.

  • Press 'Add to Home Screen'.

  • Press 'Add'

Standalone App Notes

UI Scaling

Your browser's scaling of the TradingLite website will define the scaling that is also used with the standalone app.

Safari (Desktop & Mac) & Firefox:

At the current time of writing, Safari (Desktop & Mac) & Firefox do not support PWAs which is required to launch TradingLite as a standalone app.

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