18th May 2020

Weekly Update #6

Tips and Tricks!

We've improved our Help section to be more helpful towards new and existing users. You can find links to Discord, our community-driven Knowledge Base, and Tips and Tricks which contain video examples of some our features.

Activate Scripts

You can now enable and disable scripts without opening them!

Even though the current indicators UI isn't that great yet, this little feature will make things easier.

Server-side LitScript v1 compilation

Previously LitScript v1 used to compile in 3 steps, download > compile > result. In this update, we reduced it to only 1 step ! Meaning faster loading for Version 1 scripts.

Note that this does not mean that LitScripts are calculated on the server-side, you will know when that feature is available when we finally enable Full Protection option for LitScript sources.

Stability improvements

If you previously had some weird issues with chart panes disappearing, it's possible that we fixed them with this update.


New stuff

  • New Help panel with tips and tricks videos!
  • Script Vault
    • Activate/Deactivate LitScripts directly
    • Filter by Version added
  • Begone RigidList, welcome FluidList!
    • Orderbook and Trades now use new improved internal list system
    • FluidList keeps scrolled position while new items are added or removed
  • Added a message if TL fails to load after 30s due to an unknown reason


  • Faster initial pre-loading screen check
  • LitScript: Server-side Version 1 scripts compilation ( faster )
  • Script Vault: Filters are now available in most sections
  • Script Vault: Search now also includes usernames
  • VPVR & VPVR+: Added 5% Width option
  • Orderbook panel now has an actual scrollbar
  • Optimized Trades & Orderbook panel
  • Improved VRAM usage


  • Disappearing chart pane bug fixed
  • Left-aligned Scale invisible chart bug fixed
  • Fixed "WebGL context lost" errors when adding/removing panes
  • IOS: Welcome popup tutorial's intensity slider video playback fixed
  • Script Vault: Fixed "Sort by Newest" when using search
  • Script Vault: Fixed scrollbar jumping up when opening a script
  • LitScript: Fixed errors when using variable inside input
  • LitScript: Fixed errors when misusing input() function

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