21st May 2020

LitScript Update #2


New stuff

  • LitScript: plot() now has stepline option
  • LitScript: input() added options type
  • LitScript: header() to add titles and describe things
  • LitScript: Plenty of new time functions added
  • LitScript: You can no longer save v0 scripts, time to move on!


  • LitScript: New scripts have a date of creation on top of "Untitled Script"
  • LitScript: Better error notification when no plots are drawn
  • LitScript: Added back 10,000 loop iteration limits
  • LitScript: Removed activate to see layer settings message
  • LitScript: Moved description after layer settings
  • LitScript: Editor window is slightly larger by default
  • LitScript: Empty tooltips no longer appear


  • Fix auto-scale not taking last value in consideration
  • Saving issue when adding/removing scripts fixed
  • Saving issue when toggling auto-scale scripts fixed
  • Slow saving issue fixed, settings are now saved more quickly
  • Firefox & Safari: Fix invisible plot issues with Line plots
  • LitScript: Fixed "compiling..." state being stuck when deactivating a script
  • LitScript: Realtime compilation issues fixed