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2nd June 2020

Drawing Tools Update #1

We've been reworking the whole drawings system to allow more advanced customization. If we did things right, you shouldn't notice anything being different at all.

New stuff

  • Pen tool is now silky smooth, draws like a butter even after you drink 20 cups of coffee in a row and your hands are trembling like there's no tomorrow.
  • New Measure tool is introduced, hold Shift and click anywhere to draw it. (As seen on TV!)
  • New & less confusing Risk and Reward tool
  • Cancel/remove your unfinished drawing by using Right Click

What's next?

We'll be launching our new Alpha server soon that will contain many improvements such as: ultra-fast orderbook updates, high definition VPVR/Footprints, additional trading pairs and more.

Once it's up and running, any subscriber who's willing test it can just message us and we'll set up an account for you.


New stuff

  • New Measure Tool you know and love using Shift + Left Click
  • New Risk & Reward Tool replaces the old one
  • Right-click cancel for drawing tools
  • Crosshair dot removed when magnet is not active
  • New cursors for drawing point manipulation


  • Pencil Tool is now much smoother
  • Changed "Lock Drawings" icon to a lock instead of a brush
  • Candles rendering improved
  • Script Editor: Tab key now works as expected
  • LitScript: plot() now returns its value
  • LitScript: Minor compilation improvements


  • Fixed rare colors-mix issue with candles
  • Fixed drawings not getting saved in rare occasions
  • Fix Script Vault search filter version 1 + open source combination
  • Script deactivate button now shows proper tooltip text "Deactivate"

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