4th June 2020

Weekly Update #7


New stuff

  • TV-style zoom using Shift + Mouse Scroll
  • Color picker now has color swatches
  • Advanced drawing options added:
    • Double-click a drawing to open window
    • Ability to modify individual price point position for any tool
    • Line style ( solid, dashes, dotted ) added for all tools
    • Freeze/Lock drawing position added to all tools
  • Copy & Paste drawings:
    • Copy ( Ctrl + C )
    • Paste to Mouse location ( Ctrl + V )
    • Paste to Exact location ( Ctrl + Shift + V )
  • Rectangle now has a fill color option
  • Added Measure tool icon to drawings toolbox
  • Vault: Sort by Last Update added
  • LitScript:
    • Added barstate.isfirst, barstate.islast, barstate.ishistory
    • Added bar_index
  • Updated LitScript Documentation with above features


  • Measure tool improvements
  • Reverted Risk & Reward visual design ( outline & left-aligned )
  • Timezone menu auto-scrolls to selected timezone
  • Hidden drawings icon is now shown in red
  • Windows resize functionality is now more stable
  • All dropdown menus now have a distinct visual style when open
  • Exchange/Pair menu now disappears when mouse is outside of browser


  • Minor OCD-level UX alignment issues fixed
  • Drawings micro-popup position fixed
  • Some menu buttons not working on touch devices fixed
  • Fix last bgcolor() bar not drawn bug
  • Fix drawings bug when trying to change scale while drawing
  • Fix price scale labels cut off bug after using Maximize pane
  • LitScript: Function arguments are now properly scoped
  • LitScript: Added better errors for variable definition inside scopes
  • LitScript: Throw an error when member expression doesn't exist
  • LitScript: Prevent defining a function inside a scope