11th June 2020

Weekly Update #8

New Themes!


A quite delicious and vibrant gradient theme, showing clear difference between the full spectrum. As a general purpose color scheme, much like the Default, Chad Pepe and Thermovision themes, this one's great for distinguishing min, low, mid, high and max ranges at first glance.


A refined version of Chad Pepe, with a more monotone approach, high brightness and beautiful aquamarine colors. Fine-tuned for mid to max ranges. Great for identifying some specific set of patterns while tinkering with heatmap intensity slider.

Just like its predecessor, this theme was designed by D7R.

LitScript Language Reference

We completely separated our manual and language reference, included a new search functionality and added every variable and function that's available inside LitScript.

Our docs aren't fully complete yet, but they are a hundred times better than what they used to be!

Writing docs and maintaining them takes time, so if you're interested in helping us improve our documentation, then please message us on our Discord channel.


New stuff



  • Progressive Web App (PWA) url changed to /chart instead of homepage
  • Fixed last candle not drawing when chart is scrolled far into the future
  • Fixed left-aligned VPVR bug when chart is scrolled far into the future
  • Fixed Orderbook panel glitching when rapidly opening and closing
  • Fixed autoscale option not working in LitScript v1