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27th March 2020

Weekly Update #1

What are the major highlights of this week's development?

Footprint chart

We unlocked our footprint layer for all our subscribers!

It's a very early version, where we are currently only showing the delta (difference between buys and sells).

We would love to hear your feedback on how we can make this better.

Check it out in the Official Indicators window

Multi-scales !

Ever wanted to have OI and candles displayed on one pane? Now it's possible, just create a new scale and assign the layer to it.

It's that simple!

You can have up to 4 scales per pane, so go wild!

You now get a nice overview of which scale uses the "Auto-scale" feature. Remember, you can also double-click any price scale in order to activate auto-scaling!

What's next?

Our invite code process unfortunately doesn't work as well as we hoped it to work, so we're gonna be changing our signup process once again.

Groan, sigh and roll your eyes, I know what you're thinking: "Why should I care about this? After all, I'm perfectly happy circumventing the system by creating multiple accounts every time my trial ends."

Well, you should! Because, once we do this change, you won't need to torment our souls with your sneaky bypass tactics anymore.

I'm also gonna be working on some big improvements to LitScript in the coming days for faster compilation speed, better error handling and if everything goes well, this will be the first stepping stone towards server-side scripts and alerts!

Complete changelog

  • Added new Bitmex contracts (XBTU20, ETHM20, ADAM20, BCHM20, EOSM20, LTCM20, TRXM20, XRPM20)
  • General: Added Footprint layer to Official Indicators
  • General: Ability to add and set new scales ( up to 4 per pane )
  • General: Set Autoscale in layer settings
  • General: Memory management improvements when running TL for a long time
  • LitScript: Color input fields can be edited !
  • LitScript: timenow() for getting current unix timestamp
  • LitScript: ask_highest(), bid_highest() ( see docs )
  • LitScript: ask_spread(size), bid_spread(size) ( see docs )
  • Heatmap: Extend heatmap layer setting goes up to 100
  • VPVR: Left align delta + delta colors fixed
  • UI: Exchange menu pops up on mouse hover
  • UI: Layer settings UX improvements
  • UI: A more clear Cancel Auto-renewal button
  • UI: Upgrade and My Plan page shows auto-renewal status
  • UI: Show error icon on disconnect or any other errors with connection
  • Auto-reconnect now times out after several minutes
  • Minor docs updates
  • Minor bug fixes

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