27th August 2020

Weekly Update #11


New stuff

  • LitScript:
    • Added persistent variables using global (docs)
    • Added barstate.isnew (docs) and barstate.isrealtime (docs)
    • Experimental fix to scoped Sequences issue
  • Windows:
    • Windows can now be docked when dragged to bottom
    • Windows can now be set to fullscreen when dragged to top


  • LitScript window has been redesigned
  • Layer Settings for LitScripts have also been redesigned
  • Increased LitScript description to 10,000 characters
  • Improved search experience for Script Vault and LitScript Reference Docs
  • Updated LitScript docs
  • Minor chart performance improvements
  • Minor UI tweaks


  • Fixed crosshair's displayed time being offset by a minute in some cases
  • Fixed custom heatmap slider settings not being saved when above 100%
  • Fixed LitScript not updating when changing options
  • Fixed LitScript not updating after editing space or comments
  • Fixed various LitScript Language Reference Docs issues
  • Fixed some Safari UI issues
  • Created a new discord invite link due to last one being raided by spam bots


  • Added error notifications when a script crashes
  • Moved notifications slightly up to not cover bottom buttons
  • Prevent litscript from crashing other litscripts
  • Fixed a memory leak when adding and removing litscripts