19th August 2020

Weekly Update: Referrals !

True artists draw stickmen

Check out how our Referrals work, it's fairly simple and... very familiar.

Changelog (Today)

New stuff


  • New website navigation menu
  • Moved upgrade and referrals menu links to "More" section
  • Pricing and Referrals pages are accessible publicly
  • Added Script and Referrals to Terms and Conditions
  • Help Center has less "jumping" transitions when fist opened
  • Minor UI tweaks


  • Fixed Screenshot image quality ( was reduced by accident )
  • Fixed website scroll to anchor issues
  • Fixed trades mute/unmute bug
  • Fixed some website issues on Safari

Changelog (15/08/2020)


  • Changed the way /loading page works
  • Minor website tweaks
  • Fixed drawings offset on screenshot bug

Changelog (14/08/2020)


  • Added a new fancy website loading spinner


  • Fixed website display issues on Safari 14 TP

Changelog (13/08/2020)


  • Fixed auto scale when plot values are all equal
  • Fixed a graphical glitch where 1px of content remains on the bottom
  • Volume layer no longer messes with autoscale

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