news + update
13th August 2020

Weekly Update #9

First of all, we're glad that our Alpha update went more-or-less smoothly, there were some unexpected bugs here and there but hopefully they've all been solved.

Updates delivery

We decided to do updates a little bit differently this time. We'll push updates regularly, and we'll make these kind of news posts later along with some of our bigger changes. This allows us to quickly patch things up without polluting our blog with smaller update posts.

If you want to know more about every little change we make, checkout the #updates section on our Discord ( link at the bottom of our website ).


Due to popular demand, we brought the old footprint layer back.

Now we have two versions:

  • The newer one introduced in Alpha, called Footprint (Profile)
  • The old one Footprint (Cluster).

We've also flipped buys and sells for both footprints, in order to be more consistent with other platforms. The hollow candle behind footprints (profile) no longer have any gaps above and below.

Footprint (profile) delta is now aligned to the left, this way you can easily compare sizes visually.

Font size has been increased on both layers for better readability on smaller screens.

Changelog (Today)

New stuff

  • Major improvements to chart rendering
    • Resizing panes should be silky smooth now
    • "Context lost" issue should rarely appear now
  • Footprint buys/sells sides have been flipped
  • Footprint(profile) delta mode is no longer centered
  • You can now draw and drag drawings outside of visible chart area
  • Middle-click chart drag ( doesn't select drawings )


  • Improved Trades refresh rate performance
  • Layouts menu button is now more compact
  • TradingLite logo outline is shown to differentiate when app isn't loaded
  • Minor UX improvements to footprint and candle layer options


  • Fixed Heatmap disappearing when an exchange is down bug
  • Fixed Heatmap Lens middle value not being highlighted bug
  • Fixed trades relative time not appearing instantly on panel open
  • Fixed price scale not being drawn when changing left > hidden > right
  • Fixed Safari selection issue when resizing panes
  • LitScript: long input labels no longer stretch the whole options window
  • Fixed various issues with Binance and Binance Futures

Changelog (10/08/2020)

New stuff

  • Added 2 versions of footprints (Cluster and Profile)
  • VPSV now automatically spans over the daily session


  • Increased font size for footprint layers ( cluster and profile )
  • Updated footprint cluster thumbnail
  • Adjusted heatmap sensitivity on a dozen different pairs (let us know if any other pairs need adjustment)
  • In case of TL getting disconnected from an exchange, we should now recover twice as fast


  • Saving orderbook/trade panel settings should now work
  • Added a potential fix for Binance Futures disconnects

Changelog (06/08/2020)

New stuff

  • Ticks Per Row option for VPSV and Footprints
  • HD slider now shows an arrow when above 100% sensitivity
  • Added option shortcut button inside official indicators menu


  • HD intensity slider re-adjusted
  • Experimental automatic cache clear ( for updates )
  • Version out of date alert shows when last version was released and currently used version


  • Price not fitting inside the scale bug
  • Fixed mobile chart zoom issues
  • Prevent fullscreen prompt on safari mobile ( it's not supported either way )