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3rd August 2020

1 Year of TradingLite

Our biggest upgrade yet.

There are many new features, so we'll split this update post into a few categories.

  • Data
  • New Exchanges & Pairs
  • App
  • Chart
  • Website
  • Endnote


There is a lot to say on the technical side, let's keep it short and see how it affects you as a user.

We have doubled the precision on all our data sources:

  • This will fix rounding issues on the heatmap and get rid of anomalies such as a 1000 contract trade showing up as 999.

We send partial updates instead of full data snapshots:

  • This will provide faster update rates while using less bandwidth.

Realtime data

We set up a new cluster of servers that are used for realtime data.

  • 2x Germany - FSN
  • 1x Finland - HEL

If you hover over the signals icon on the bottom of TradingLite, you can see to which server you're connected and your ping to that server.

At this moment servers are randomly assigned, but this is just the first step towards expanding to other regions like America and Asia.

Orderbook data

Orderbook data has had overall improvements, besides increased stability, we're now also compressing the data which allows us to provide the same data at a much higher rate. Every 100ms!

Also, by using some nifty tricks we also increased orderbook panel range for Bitfinex!

More data for LitScript

We've added funding_predicted and mark_price to LitScript, for all exchanges where it's available.

New Exchanges & Pairs

FTX (+8 pairs)


Binance (+30 pairs)


Binance Futures (+9 pairs)


Bitmex (+2 pairs)


Bitfinex (+2 pairs)


HD VPVR, VPSV and Footprints data

Another big change you'll quickly notice is how much finer some indicators have become. This is because we're collecting 5 times more data.

This mass of data allows us to make the long-awaited HD footprints.

Footprint layer has been completely rewritten, made more useful thanks to user feedback.

New footprint layer

Since we have more data, VPVR might appear a bit too detailed. This is why we've also added the Ticks Per Row option. You can use this to re-create how these indicators used to look like before, or aggregate the data even further.

Ticks Per Row option

The good news? This new HD data is included in all plans by default!


TradingLite's UI has once again been updated, bringing some of that elegant oomph.

Lets start with flashy features:

First we got a new "fake" white theme, also known as "Inverted Color Mode". Previously this used to be a small secret feature, but due to popular demand we made it into an official one!

Note that this isn't an actual white theme, the colors are just inverted.

Inverted Color mode

We have also further optimized and improved the performance in various places. To help our users know what the hell is going on while things are loading, we've added download progress indicators.

Download progress indicators

Focus Mode has been improved with the ability to change exchange/pairs without exiting it. We've also added a toggle button on the sidebar, this way more people are aware that this feature exists.

Focus mode

Layouts feature is another big change of this update. All your settings and drawings are now saved per layout, this way you can have multiple configurations of TradingLite.


Exchange menu has been improved to include favorites and search functionality!

New exchange/pair search

Mobile users and those who use TradingLite in a small window, now have these useful scroll buttons.

Arrow buttons to help with scrolling

Indicator labels are now more useful than ever. You can now click any of the labels and use those handy shortcuts for quick changes, if you don't like it then you can simply hide them in the layer options.

New labels!

We moved to UTC Time, begone those issues with Daylight savings time! In case your system clock is badly configured (more than 1min difference), we will notify you with a message.

UTC time

Changes to App URL

Shortcut to access an exchange pair directly has changed from


where XXXXXXX is your layout ID (seen on the new urls after /chart/)


Website has been once again redesigned, but in order to keep this short we're only gonna dive into most noticeable changes.

Help Center

Accessible from inside the app and the website, as of right now it's fairly simple but we'll add more questions and answers as they come.

LitScript Reference

Reference docs have been updated to show shapes and colors, small change but it's better than guessing inside LitScript what each shape looks like.


A brand new section, where you can enable 2-Factor Authentication and see all your Connected Devices.

We've also improved how you update your password and email, everything is now more streamlined!


One year later, we've come so far just with two developers. From a hobby project to something that's used by thousands!

We would like to thank all our Early Access supporters for helping us achieve this far, without you this new update wouldn't have been possible!

Special thanks to:

  • CapTrack and Methos: For letting us concentrate on development by helping us with client support.
  • Sander: For his 1000 yard eagle-eyes, very detailed bug reports and tremendous help.
  • ViK: For his capacity for breaking things --always exceeds our expectations.
  • D7R: For making the HD footprint layer what it is today.
  • phenom: For giving us a good reason to prioritize screenshot links.
  • everyone else who contributed and helped us stabilize Alpha

Btw, we have a TradingLite page on Instagram now!




  • Lots of mobile and desktop UI tweaks
  • Check news from inside TradingLite by clicking TL logo
  • System clock desynchronization alert
  • Fixed few rare connection issues
  • Reduced caching issues


  • Improved precision
  • Dynamic heatmap compression

Orderbook & Trades:

  • Improved rendering performance
  • Reduced CPU usage
  • Self-healing orderbook (removes ghost orders)


  • Improved overall drawing experience
  • Improved undo/redo for drawings options
  • Time no longer shows current date
  • Server status now shows which server you're connected to
  • Improved server ping to be more reliable
  • Fixed plotshape mappings


  • Improved drawing options window
  • Fixed issues with small drawings
  • Fix pen drawings not being lockable


Labels overlay:

  • Layer labels for all layers
  • Layer quick shortcuts ( toggle visibility, open layer options, open script )
  • Info labels are now truncated
  • Info labels emojis are stripped away
  • See latest OHLC and volume without mouse hover

Chart Settings:

  • Right margin setting

Price Scale:

  • Added a more streamlined design
  • Scale Price Chart only option ( only scales based on main candles )


  • Show Label
  • Show Last Price Line
  • Force Show/Hide Prices on Scale ( to forcefully disable/enable plot labels )
  • Drag and Drop Layers ( Chromium browsers only )


  • Optimized chart rendering
  • Better double-click Expand detection



  • HD data
  • Improved Footprints
  • Delta mode
  • Last price line
  • Acts as hollow candles


  • Hide Values on zoom-in
  • Improved rendering performance at maximum zoom level
  • Improved intensity slider for HD heatmap
  • When custom values are set, intensity slider displays the actual percentage


  • HD data
  • Aggregate ticks per row

Heatmap Lens:

  • Shows the visible range when hovering over blocks


Script Vault:

  • New design
  • New sorting options
  • Active Script and Script Vault windows are merged into one

Script Window:

  • New UI
  • Added support for images and links in description
  • Added Analytics tab
  • Ctrl+S works globally inside the script window
  • Fixed scripts cutting off when data has holes


  • Added funding_predicted and mark_price data sources

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