25th April 2020

Performance Update

At first, it may look like very little has changed, but we've pretty much rewritten the internals from the ground up. This should allow us to implement more advanced functionality in the future while delivering better performance and reduced memory usage.

As with everything new, if you notice any old bugs resurfacing, please let us know on our discord.


  • Improved rendering performance
  • Improved chart zoom & scrolling performance
  • Improved memory usage
  • Improved Orderbook panel performance
  • Improved Trades panel performance
  • Improved Candles rendering
  • Improved pencil drawing tool
  • Improved "Fit timeline to view" action
  • Improved "Reset view" action
  • Improved "Scroll to Realtime" action
  • Improved Heatmap Lens stability
  • Improved Time scale stability
  • Improved Crosshair magnet stability
  • Improved chart resize stability
  • Minor website UI adjustments
  • Minor LitScript docs typo fixes

New stuff

  • Added ▲ and ▼ arrows to window title
  • Added descriptions to Official Indicators
  • Added splash screen to hide all loading artifacts
  • Added initial loading message for slow connection speeds
  • Customize theme now shows when your theme has been customized
  • Loading page can now detect when Hardware Acceleration is off on some browsers
  • New secret added for Lucky Ones
  • Updated /loading page design
  • Fancy changelog colors to distinguish new stuff, bugfixes and improvements

LitScript v1

  • @version=1 scripts now have different color in the Vault
  • Fixed input with built-in colors bug
  • Fixed minor issue with seq inside functions ( this doesn't fix the scope issues )


  • Fixed a major memory leak
  • Data: Bitfinex liquidations fixed
  • Data: Bitfinex should now auto-restart when it crashes
  • Fixed price scale not showing enough digits
  • Fixed time scale rounding error
  • Fixed orderbook scrollbar that sometimes went a bit too far
  • Fixed crosshair vertical line disappearing
  • Fixed orderbook bug with some orders not appearing
  • Fixed duplicate candles bug
  • Fixed heatmap update desync

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