28th April 2020

Weekly Update #3

Undo / Redo

It has finally arrived, you can now undo/redo to your heart's content!

Complete redesign of Script Vault

That old "Scripts Window" with its awful UI has haunted us since day one. Maybe you haven't noticed it, but your unconscious mind definitely did. Much like an ad-infested site that you visit daily, you develop a blind spot. Your tormented mind, actively adjusting itself to block bad design decisions. The only time when you realize the truth is when things change... and this change will finally open your eyes.


Finally, some structure to this slowly accumulating chaos, you can now favorite scripts!

As for indicator developers, we'll be working on fancy analytics page in the future.


New stuff

  • Added Undo/Redo actions
  • Completely redesigned Script Vault UI
  • Added ability to Favorite scripts
  • Added Recently Used Indicators


  • LitScript: Greatly improved initial compilation speed
  • Indicators that add a new pane will use the smallest existing pane size
  • Reduced bottom panel settings height ( trades, orderbook )


  • Fixed occasional incomplete candles
  • Fixed alert sounds for aggregated trades
  • Fixed orderbook reloading when only timeframe has changed
  • Fixed orderbook scrolling on Safari
  • Fixed orderbook missing animation
  • Fixed orderbook buy/sell/delta values
  • Fixed orderbook max bar scale bug
  • Fixed orderbook not being perfectly centered
  • Fixed clear orderbook action
  • Hide spread previously shown as 0 values on the orderbook
  • Fixed some scrollbars shifting away from the cursor
  • Fixed Stripe payment edge-cases
  • Removed misplaced alert when re-activating auto-renewal
  • Hide Heatmap Lens when changing price scale

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