Introduction to 'Main'

'Main' is at the very core of your TradingLite chart. This layer primarily provides price data.

There are various options with which to display price. The configuration options within 'Main' will depend upon the chart type that you have selected.

Chart Type

You have a total of 10 methods to display price, to suit your trading style and preferences. Candles, Heiken Ashi, Line, Stepped Line, Area and Baseline are pictured below:

Footprint Chart Type

You will also notice that you have 4 Footprint Chart Types to choose from.


You can choose to use Footprint Charts as either a Chart Type or as an Indicator. Please ensure that you read the differences in selecting one method over another here.

For a full breakdown of the different Footprint options, please read the dedicated pages below:

Select & Favorite

To select your preferred method to show price, use the selector in the top toolbar.

Here you also have the ability to Favourite different methods to display price, for quick selection in future.

Main Settings

As mentioned earlier, the settings available to you within 'Main' will depend upon the Chart Type chosen. These will include basic preferences including Line Thickness and Styling .

Theme Settings

Depending upon the chart type selected, some of the styling presences including candle colors, reside in: Chart > Theme Settings.

New to TradingLite?

Here are some of the core fundamentals regarding the platform and our tools:

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