update + news
11th March 2022

What's new in TL: March 2022

Drawing Tools

Only a couple weeks ago, we released over 30 new drawing tools, bringing the full suite of TradingLite drawing tools to 50! This drawing update brought full customization and configuration to all new and existing drawing tools, including the much requested, custom Fibonacci levels. With direction snapping and 'Stay in Drawing Mode' conducting your technical analysis is now easier than ever! Don't forget about the "Drawing List", to help manage your workflow.

New: Install TradingLite as an app

This minor update brings a native TradingLite PWA to both your desktop and mobile. To install, simply launch the chart, and you can install the app via the TradingLite Logo button, then select Install App.

The benefits of installing TradingLite as a PWA on either your desktop or laptop, is the native app experience, such as: faster loading times, enhanced performance, more screen real-estate, better update experience.

Russian & Belarus Customers

Given the current geo-politics at present, Visa & Mastercard have cut their services in Russia & Belarus. This change been reflected by our payment processor, meaning that new and recurring payments via a card registered in either Russia or Belarus are not possible at present. We will continue to monitor the situation regarding this. For more information regarding this, see our payment processors latest updates.

Coming Soon...

We have a boat-load of major features coming within the next few weeks. It will mark our biggest upgrades since the new TradingLite platform update back in November last year. Whilst we can't reveal too much at present, we are really excited about unlocking some long awaited features, so stay tuned!