13th April 2022

What's new in TL: April 2022

Spring 2022 is here upon us, with all the critters at TradingLite working hard behind the scenes to bring you a bunch of new features due this year. This first update of Spring season brings one of the community's most requested features, a new exchange and myriad of improvements and updates.

Split-View is here!

What is better than 1 TradingLite chart...? 4 TradingLite charts of course! This update brings the long-awaited Split-View feature, allowing you to view up to 4 different charts within the same tab. Gold users will be able to add up to 4 charts per tab, with Silver users doubling their layout to 2 charts.

Activating Split-View

We have written a detailed Split-View learn page with a deeper explanation that fully explores all available options, plus some recommendations. However, for those wanting to to dive in now, you will see a new button to the left of the screenshot button. Simply click and select your desired chart layout.

Just a few quick tips regarding Split-View:

  • Ensure you configure which Syncing options you wish enabled.

  • Window 1 will always be the primary window, with which each additional window is synced with.

  • Maximise your screen real-estate by pressing 'F' to activate focus mode.

Thanks to our private testers!

As with all of our new major additions, we initially hand selected a private group of users to test Split-View our first, followed by a larger group who specifically asked for this feature. After a few minor revisions and internal updates, we are happy to push it publicly to all. Big thanks to all of those who participate during the testing phase.

Interested in first access to our newest features?

Users who regularly engage with the rest of the TradingLite community, whether via the 'Chat' in-app, by creating publicly accessible indicators, or simply those giving their commentary as to where price move next, are always considered as candidates.

FTX Spot

Working its way up the exchange leaderboard in terms of volume and a liquidity, FTX Spot is now finally a part of TradingLite. Available to all Gold subscribers, we have initially launched this new exchange with pairs based upon sustained daily volume, liquidity and market capitalization.

FTX Spot Pairs


As with any new exchange and their respective pairs we rely on the TradingLite community's suggestions on which markets should be added to the platform. We are always welcoming of new suggestions and encourage you add them here.


As with all of our major updates, minor changes and tweaks to TradingLite are given just as much care and thought to improve your charting experience. Whilst some of the other features of this first spring update may take centre stage, we continue to incorporate the community's suggestion in our aim to deliver the best possible trading tools. Whilst some of the more noticeable improvements are mentioned below, see the full changelog in-app.

Drawing Tools

  • Increased readability of drawing values text size.

  • Additional decimal place added to the tooltips of drawing tools that traditionally rely on Fibonacci ratios to be considered 'valid'.

  • Increased accuracy of the shift snapping angle.


Apple sometimes takes 'Think differently' to an extreme with its native browser and web-standards, much to the delight of our front-end developers. Jokes aside, a large number of minor fixes have been made, to keep all of our MacOS, iOS & iPadOS users happy. See the full list via the in-app changelog.


Although you can view TradingLite charts on a virtually any device you own, sometimes ensure the blazing fast and intuitive user-experience you are used to on desktop or laptop, is a little tricky on touch-based devices. Spring brought a variety of tweaks for those on a mobile or tablet. Again, see the full list of these via the in-app changelog.

Indicator of the Month

Whilst we are pleased to see the Litscript community is growing each day, we have internally debated whether to just call this section 'Vik's Indicator of the Month' given how continuously surprised we are with each new indicator he creates.

The months showcased community indicator is: Liquidation Map P.1/2 (prediction).

Eerily similar to another platform's 'Liquidation Levels', Vik's Liquidation Map aims to predict where possible liquidations may occur in future. Be sure to also check out the supplementary Liquidation Map P.2/2 (continuation).

What's cooking?

Work on LitScript v2 has already started and it is slowly taking shape. There's a high chance that the syntax will change once again. We would like to make writing indicators as easy as possible, whether it's about following the footsteps of existing scripting solutions like PineScript or going towards a completely new direction.

So far we have various different ideas for how things should look like, but we don't want to impose any unwanted changes that our community may not like.

We'll make a survey asking for your opinions on some of our proposed ideas in the near future.

Coming soon...

The focus over the next stage of TradingLite's development will be primarily geared towards the back-end. This is to facilitate all we the planned major additions coming throughout the year. Keep up to date however, we have some great new features coming very soon 🤩