news + update
16th May 2022

What's new in TL: May 2022

New pairs, new split-view features, and a bunch of minor improvements and bug fixes!

Although only a couple weeks since our previous update we thought we would give you a brief update of the changes that have taken place since, along with a little insight into what the whole team is working currently.

Performance improvements

Here at TradingLite, we deeply value the performance and quality of our charts. Over the years, we've developed various tools and techniques to help us manage and achieve the outstanding fluidity we provide today.

Although modern browsers already have some advanced developer tools (which we also heavily rely-on), we created our own in-house debugging tools specially tailored for our use-cases.

For the very first time, we're letting you take a peak at one of our tools. We use this tool to monitor GPU, CPU and network statistics of our platform, to see memory allocation and performance cost of each computation.

These tools aren't available to the end-users, they're completely stripped out from the final build of TradingLite.

With our recent update, we've not only made our charts look sharper on nearly all screen resolutions, but we've also tackled some memory issues which could cause hiccups on displays with a refresh rate of 120hz and above.

New Pairs

To coincide with the monthly open, we added a bunch of the community's highest voted pair requests. For your convenience, and as usual below is the full list:






As stated previously and also on our support page, at present we add pairs based upon suggestions, and providing they meet our own internal criteria of sustained liquidity, volume and market cap, we do our best to add them as quickly as possible.

We do appreciate that this isn't necessarily as quick as the community would like, so we are looking for solutions to streamline this process in the future. We appreciate your support and patience <3

Expanded Split-View Windows

If you haven't heard where have you been? Split-View was released in April's update, which allows you to view up to 4 TradingLite charts at the same time. Given the recent volatility, we're glad we managed to push the updated out when we did!

As with all of our features, we are constantly refining and improving based upon our community's suggestions. One of these suggestions was the ability to maximise any of the Spilt-View windows.

Now, you have the ability to quickly snap to a maximised view of any of your windows via the 'Expanded' button in the upper-right of each of your charts. Along with Free-form zoom, being able to quickly and efficiently browse between and navigate around your TradingLite charts is as much of a priority for us, as it is for our community.

Sneak peek

We thought we'd give you a sneak-preview of one of our most requested features:

This, plus a few more requested tools and indicators coming to TradingLite very soon.

We've still got apply some polish here are there, but we hope you are as excited to see them as we are!

Indicator of the Month:

This month's indicator of the month award goes to SMG, with their Daily Volatility Indicator.

Applying the logic of Bitmex's original BVOL24 indicator, which measures daily volatility of price, thanks to SMG, the indicator can now be used on any pair available on TradingLite. Given the data required to form the calculation ensure sure you load enough historical data.

Community Rewards

Those of the community who provide exceptional value to other TradingLite users are going to be rewarded in the form of TL XP. This month there are two winners.

The first goes to SMG for his continued custom indicator development. Following in Vik's path of script creativity, he continues to develop new and innovative methods of combining TradingLite's data. 1,000 XP to SMG

Last month we tasked Jelly to help new users utilise TradingLite to its full potential. As Jelly was shy, we gave you all the ability to give pets and head scratches. Secretly however, we were holding a competition to see who would show Jelly the most love. That user was TCMR who petted Jelly, 35 times in total! 350 XP to TCMR