29th December 2021

Looking back at 2021 & the future

We're nearing the end of year, and it's soon time to say goodbye to 2021.

Let's look back at this year and see how TradingLite has evolved.

We've already spoken many times about how we worked for the majority of the year behind closed doors on our "Next" version, so we'll skip this part. Let's focus on the post-release improvements and the future.


We've had some extremely positive feedback on our Next version, and we're really happy that so many people are satisfied with our complete overhaul of TradingLite.

  • Platform UI: We've redesigned and hand-crafted nearly every single element for our new platform, and we're pleased to have received such warm feedback on how sexy it looks and feels.

  • Shareable screenshots: Sharing your analysis on TradingLite is now easier than ever, after this long-awaited feature has been finally included.

  • Server region selection: Not everyone has a stable connection to our primary EU servers, so we've added several proxies which help improve network stability without having people rely on VPNs.

  • Outstanding server stability: Our new infrastructure has been running without any data-losses or manual intervention for several months already. Collecting the immense amount of data in order to build a heatmap requires a lot of resources, and we're happy with how smoothly things have been going.

  • Drawing List: As more and more people use our drawing features, it was inevitable that we would need to have an overview of all drawings in one place. Although this is still in a very early stage, this is a fundamental part to even more advanced management and tools for your drawings.

  • Chat: Whilst perhaps a minor addition at present, we hope the new Chat feature will begin to add a new social element to TradingLite.

What to expect in 2022

The complete re-build of TradingLite in 2021 has given us a great foundation with which to add a list of new features we have planned. Importantly, this new code-base also ensures stability and reliability is at the very heart of our upcoming development.

There are many new features we have locked away from our users at present. As with the majority of our major new features, some of our early private testing users may have seen a few sneaky previews. It won't be long until we begin to start sharing these with all of you!

This year has primarily been about rebuilding our platform ensuring the fundamental parts of TradingLite are as stable as possible. However, next year will be focused upon bringing all the new features we have planned, to life.


The long-awaited feature to have multiple charts open inside the app, is already being tested internally. Once we've squashed a few minor bugs, it will be going live!

New and improved indicators

We've been secretly working on some new indicators and improving upon existing ones. We'll reveal more about this very soon.

Strong focus on power-users

While TradingLite's interface is designed to be accessible for newcomers, all aspects of its underlying structure is available to be tailored to suit the needs of our more advanced users. Flexibility is at the heart of the new foundation of TradingLite.

Layout & Theme source editor is already part of this focus. This feature allows you to do some really advanced customizations. We'll write a guide on how to properly utilize this feature in the near future.

Drawing tools

Drawing tools have been a little neglected in this recent year. Time has come to add more tools to your drawing arsenal, and provide comprehensive customization to the full drawing suite.

More features and secrets

Although this is just a small overview of where we're heading in 2022, this isn't the complete list. There are still some very major new features we're working on behind closed doors. Thanks to the feedback of our community, we've built a pretty extensive internal roadmap, and our vision has never been clearer.

Ending notes

It's been a rewarding year for us, working on the "Next" version of TradingLite was quite the challenge, but one we are so pleased to have embarked upon.

To all of our users, we would like to once again extend our thanks and love. You guys have brought us the motivation and energy to get us through 2021. We're really pleased to see how our community has grown and flourished, and we hope you'll stay with us when we continue to breach the new limits and capabilities of what an online platform can offer.

We wish you happy holidays and hope you have a great end of the year.